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Radical fat liberation movement history.

This archive is an offering. A collection of the fat liberation cultural and organizing history we have access to: zines, flyers, articles, audio recordings, and other evidence of the lives of fat liberation-oriented queers, anarchists, feminists, lesbians, and revolutionaries from the 1970s to today, mostly from the US and the UK. This is a people’s archive, a labor of community love meant to ensure the fat activists of today and tomorrow know some of the radical Fat Liberation history that made our lives possible: the dreams and joys and community and epiphanies and love, the struggles and pains and ignorance and mistakes. There is vital learning in all aspects of movement history. It is vital that this learning is accessible to all — not boxed up in a library or behind a paywall — reachable from your bed, readable by a screen-reader and image described. We look to the past to fatten our vision of the future. We hope with time and care this archive will grow beyond us.

This is our offering to you, fat comrades and accomplices, fat elders and ancestors. Here’s to a world where everyone eats. (h/t A.P. Gumbs)

— the crew


If you have historic evidence of fat liberation-oriented lives, struggles, and creativity, we urge you to make it available. Get in touch: fatlibarchive@gmail.com

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This is a community effort, always in progress. We’re scanning, transcribing, describing images and more. Wanna help? fatlibarchive@gmail.com