Category: Interviews

Elana Dykewomon — Fat Liberation People’s History (2022)

Fat Liberation People’s History project, video interview with Elana Dykewomon.
May 8, 2022.
85 minutes.

A conversation with FaT GiRL zine (1994-97) collective members (2022)

Cultural historian Cookie Woolner interviews FaT GIRL zine collective members Barbarism, Candida, Max and Sondra about what creating FaT GiRL was like and how that time relates to fat, queer life today.

This conversation kicks off Fat Liberation Archive’s first series of conversations about fat liberation history. June, 2022

Fat kinship for love and liberation: a dialogue across difference (2022)

A conversation between fat queer friends Caleb Luna and Jules Pashall about their fat friendship. Fat Studies, 2022.

Discovering the Truth (1999)

An interview with medical rights champion Lynn McAfee.
By B. Shanewood
From Radiance Winter 1999

Fat Air (1995)

Susan Stinson interviews Judith Stein and Meridith Lawrence in 1995. Includes Judith Steins reflections in 2021.

Fat Girl interview from “Zines! Vol. 1” (1996)

V. Vale interviewed members of the collective that produced the zine FaT GiRL and published it in Zines! Vol. 1, by V/Search (formerly Re/Search) publications. June, 1996.

The Political History of Fat Liberation: An Interview (1981)

On February 1, 1981 two members of The Second Wave collective interviewed ReaRae Sears and Judith Stein, two Boston feminists active in the Fat Liberation movement. This is an edited excerpt from that interview.

Disability Saves the World with Dr. Fady Shanouda Episode 10 with guest Tracy Tidgwell (2019)

A podcast that brings insights from disabled scholars, activists, artists, and allies in disability and mad studies from around the world. Episode 10 (December 2019) welcomes disabled fat queer activist and artist Tracy Tidgwell.