Category: Papers

A conversation about fat activism among activists in community with Nolose (2021)

By Sarah Doherty, Shana McDavis-Conway, Adrienne Hill, Elaine Lee, Sydney Lewis, Aaminah Shakur, Cicely Smith from Fat Studies Journal, 2021.

Fat kinship for love and liberation: a dialogue across difference (2022)

A conversation between fat queer friends Caleb Luna and Jules Pashall about their fat friendship. Fat Studies, 2022.

Movements of Luxurious Exuberance: Georges Bataille and Fat Politics (2015)

A paper by Lynne Gerber, published in “Negative Ecstasies: Georges Bataille and the Study of Religion.” 2015


Building the FaT GiRL Table: Excavating Cultural Memory of Queer Fat Activism in the ‘90s (2021)

A thesis paper by Rose Gelfand, 2021


Health of Fat People: the Scare Story Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (1974)

A Fat Underground paper by Aldebaran. 1974

A Fat Women’s Problem-Solving Group: Radical Change (1978)

A report from members of the 1973-74 Fat Women’s Problem-Solving Group.

No More Stitch-Ups! Developing Media Literacy Through Fat Activist Community Research (2014)

A 2014 community survey about media literacy for fat activists. By Charlotte Cooper