Category: 2020s

A conversation about fat activism among activists in community with Nolose (2021)

By Sarah Doherty, Shana McDavis-Conway, Adrienne Hill, Elaine Lee, Sydney Lewis, Aaminah Shakur, Cicely Smith from Fat Studies Journal, 2021.

To Love and Be Loved From the Fat Perspective (2020)

By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice

Leaning Into Insecurity and Ugliness As An Essential Politic (2020)

I want us to know Insecurity as intimately as we know the marginalized pieces of ourselves: as valid, as identities, and as political. By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice

Forcing Children To Lose Weight Is Child Abuse (2020)

Forcing exercise and diets on your children is an attempt to punish them for their (perceived) fatness and that is abuse. by Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice

Fat Studies, Body and Desirability Politics: A Reading List (2020)

These authors and their books are shaping fat studies in essential ways. By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice.

Diet Culture and Weight Loss Programs Are A Scam (2020)

By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice, 2020.

Celebrating Adele’s Weight “Loss” Promotes Fatphobia and Misogyny (2020)

By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice Magazine, May, 2020.

Not All Fat Black Boys Know How to Eat (2020)

By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice Magazine, June 2020.

Fat Zine Colectivo Confinamiento, Num. 2 (2020)

Fanzine de Magda Piñeyro, Arte Mapache, Gordafest, y Fatzine Colectivo. 2020

Elana Dykewomon — Fat Liberation People’s History (2022)

Fat Liberation People’s History project, video interview with Elana Dykewomon.
May 8, 2022.
85 minutes.

Climate Change Disasters Leave Fat and Disabled People Even More Vulnerable to Harm (2021)

By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice, 2021.

A conversation with FaT GiRL zine (1994-97) collective members (2022)

Cultural historian Cookie Woolner interviews FaT GIRL zine collective members Barbarism, Candida, Max and Sondra about what creating FaT GiRL was like and how that time relates to fat, queer life today.

This conversation kicks off Fat Liberation Archive’s first series of conversations about fat liberation history. June, 2022

Fat kinship for love and liberation: a dialogue across difference (2022)

A conversation between fat queer friends Caleb Luna and Jules Pashall about their fat friendship. Fat Studies, 2022.

Disability Saves the World with Dr. Fady Shanouda Episode 10 with guest Tracy Tidgwell (2019)

A podcast that brings insights from disabled scholars, activists, artists, and allies in disability and mad studies from around the world. Episode 10 (December 2019) welcomes disabled fat queer activist and artist Tracy Tidgwell.

Fat Mutual Aid #1 (2021)

Includes “Fat Mutual Aid,” by Max Airborne, “Pod Mapping for Mutual Aid,” by Rebel Sidney Black,  a Pod Mapping Template from BATJC and a few illustrations by Max Airborne. 2021

Fat Performance DIY Workshop Workbook (2021)

A zine by participants of the Fat Performance DIY Workshop, London, March, 2021

Tantalising Glimpses: A LADA Study Room Guide on Fat (2020)

This guide explores Live Art Development Agency’s holdings on fat and Live Art. It’s also about what it’s like to be in the space whilst fat and about finding hidden knowledge. 2021 by Charlotte Cooper.