Tag: incarceration

Size Queen (2005)

Size Queen: for queen size queers and our loyal subjects. June, 2005

Fat Farm #3 (2019)

Present-day obsessions lead to memories of childhood indoctrination into fat-hating culture. A look at Foucault’s panopticism, internalized surveillance, and fat hatred in modern society. Comic by Max Airborne, 2019.

Fat Farm #2 (2019)

An ended friendship triggers memories of life as a queer fat kid in a psychiatric institution, and pocket-sized tools of resistance in desperate times. Comic by Max Airborne, 2019

Fat Farm #1 (2003)

A movie about nuns and a writing assignment lead into childhood memories of being locked up in psychiatric institution, forced starvation dieting, the sad refuge of a can of TAB diet soft drink. Comic by Max Airborne, 2003.