Fat Warrior Freaks Storm NYC (2002)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Fat Warrior Freaks Storm NYC 
Date(s) of creation:  September, 2002
Creator / author / publisher:  Sondra Solovay, Max Airborne
Location: New York, NY USA
Physical description:
Typed page with workshop facilitator’s outline
Reference #: LadyFestNYC-Workshop-2002
Max Airborne
Links: [ PDF ]


Fat Warrior Freaks Storm NYC 

A workshop by Sondra Solovay & Max Airborne
LadyFest East, NYC, September, 2002

1 . Introduce ourselves 

2. How many have fat-activist/oppression work experience?

3. We’re not here to debate diet results or studies, or talk about body image issues of thin people

-difference between fat oppression and body image issues

-NIH study re: diet failure rate

-Ansel Keys study debunks “try to lose weight” myth

4. Sandy’s stereotype story as segue

5. Stereotype exercise

6. Overlap of fat with other oppression

– can’t have progressive politics w/o having a stand on fat oppression

– can’t adequately address racism, classism, etc. w/o addressing fat oppression

– higher percentage of fat folks in other oppressed groups

7. Actual discrimination stories

– summary of legal situation

– basic, little legal protection

– kids especially vulnerable

– Max tell lockup story

8. Fat warrior concept

– warrior = fighting for the truth, fighting against falling asleep

– be proud of ourselves for surviving!

– acknowledge other folks

– acknowledge people in the play

9. Places where fat intersects your life

– how are these different if you accept being a warrior?

10. Activist project ideas and examples

  • what have folks been doing?
  • fat art, music, plays, etc.

11. Tell your stories! Why is that important?

12. ( If time) Responses to stereotype insults – brainstorm

13. (If time) Make patches

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