NOLOSE Fatlandia postcard (2013)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  nolose Fatlandia postcard
Date(s) of creation:  July, 2013
Creator / author / publisher: nolose
Location:  Portland, OR US
Physical description: 
Reference #: nolose-postcard-2013
 Sondra Solovay
Links: [ PDF ]

Archivist’s note: In 2013, the NOLOSE conference took place in Portland, Oregon. Participants sent these postcards out from the conference to friends who weren’t there. –max

Image description:

The front of a postcard with colorful digital art in the style of 50’s tourist postcards. Against a blue sunburst background, In neon orange script, “Greetings from” over airbrushed white flowers in the top left, and “NOLOSE” in the bottom right. Curving up between those words in chunky, dark pink, block letters: “FATLANDIA” with black silhouettes of various fat bodies doing various things: one playing guitar, one dancing, one crawling, and one riding a mobility scooter.]

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