Tag: Boston

Fat Liberation: No Losers Here (1981)

Article by Judith Stein, from Sojourner, February, 1981, and a followup letter from the subsequent issue in March, 1981.

Trimming the Fat for Profit: an Essay on Fat Liberation (1982)

Article by Judith Stein, from WomenWise, The New Hampshire Feminist Health Center Quarterly; Winter, 1982.

Fat Liberation and the Women’s Health Movement (1980)

Speech by Judith Stein at the New Haven Women’s Health Conference, 1980.

Fat, Lesbian and Proud (1981)

By Judith Stein, from Gay Community News, Boston, 1981

Fat Feminist Herstory (1993)

Timeline of fat feminist events from 1969-1993. By Karen Stimson

Get Your Foot Off My Neck: Fat Liberation (Pride Speech Boston 1986)

Speech by Judith Stein, 1986.

Fat Air (1995)

Susan Stinson interviews Judith Stein and Meridith Lawrence in 1995. Includes Judith Steins reflections in 2021.

The Political History of Fat Liberation: An Interview (1981)

On February 1, 1981 two members of The Second Wave collective interviewed ReaRae Sears and Judith Stein, two Boston feminists active in the Fat Liberation movement. This is an edited excerpt from that interview.