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Fat People Must Become a Priority to the Left (2019)

Fat folks carry the weight of the work in left spaces while our bodies and material realities are continually othered and written off. By Da’Shaun Harrison, from Wear Your Voice

Towards a Fatter Insurrection: Introduction to a Revolutionary Body Liberation Movement (2015)

Article by Shane Burley from 2015, published by the Institute for Anarchist Studies.

A Response to Fat White Activism From People of Color in the Fat Justice Movement (2012)

A 2012 letter from fat activist people of color to the fat community.

Welfare as a Women’s Issue (1972)

Johnnie Tillmon’s article from the Liberation News Service (US), 1972.

Big Fat Flea organizing notes (2016)

Tara Shuai’s notes for a presentation about the Big Fat Flea, given as part of a panel on fat activism at Barnard College in 2016: “Fat Activism and Intersectionality at the Edges: Making Movements Sustainable.”