Encounters with Nature (2019)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Encounters with Nature
Date(s) of creation:  2019
Creator / author / publisher:  Charlotte Cooper
Location: London, UK
Physical description:
Reference #:  Encounters-with-Nature
Source: Charlotte Cooper
[ Charlotte Cooper’s website ]

Encounters with Nature

An autobiographical queer zine, stories from Charlotte Cooper’s life told through otherworldly encounters with wild animals. Gentle, thoughtful, really weird. Pre-dates and anticipates climate crisis activism.

Originally published in 2016, digital edition 2019.

Get it at Charlotte Cooper’s website.

[image description: Cover page: “ENCOUNTERS WITH NATURE. Ant, Bearded Fire Worm, Bee, Big Beetle, Blue Tit, Bream, Buzzard, Cockatiel, Crow, Deer, Dogfish, Dolphin, Dragonfly, Eastern Brown Snake, Firefly, Fly, Frog, Fruit Bat, Hare, Hermann’s Tortoise, Horseshoe Crab, Jay, Lizard, Mediterranean Shag, Mouse, Mosquito, Otter, Seal, Spider, Wren. [A drawing of a long, curving, segmented worm with hundreds of legs extending from the sides of their whole body.] CHARLOTTE COOPER”]

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