Tag: 2010s

Fat is Floating (2011)

A small zine from Austin J. Austin, made at nolose in Oakland, 2011.

Encounters with Nature (2019)

An autobiographical queer zine, stories from Charlotte Cooper’s life told through otherworldly encounters with wild animals.

Fat Activist Vernacular (2019)

Fat Activist Vernacular, a fat queer feminist glossary, is a powerful and witty exploration of fat as a cultural, social and political experience. By Charlotte Cooper.

Plump the Post! (2018)

Plump the Post! is a raucous interruption of correspondence art’s “business as usual.” It’s a mail art intervention that centers and celebrates fat queer iconography.

Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch (2011)

Fat Queer Community Heart Circle & Potluck Brunch, Oakland, CA
September 24, 2011

Fat Farm #3 (2019)

Present-day obsessions lead to memories of childhood indoctrination into fat-hating culture. A look at Foucault’s panopticism, internalized surveillance, and fat hatred in modern society. Comic by Max Airborne, 2019.

Fat Farm #2 (2019)

An ended friendship triggers memories of life as a queer fat kid in a psychiatric institution, and pocket-sized tools of resistance in desperate times. Comic by Max Airborne, 2019

No More Stitch-Ups! Developing Media Literacy Through Fat Activist Community Research (2014)

A 2014 community survey about media literacy for fat activists. By Charlotte Cooper

A Queer and Trans Fat Activist Timeline (2010)

A multi-dimensional project concerned with documenting queer and trans fat feminist community histories and memories. Charlotte Cooper, 2010

The Blob (2016)

This zine accompanied a performance by Charlotte Cooper at the Wellcome Collection museum in London in 2016.