RevaLucian poster (2005)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  RevaLucian poster (2005)
Date(s) of creation: 2005
Creator / author / publisher: Shiloh McCabe
Location:  San Francisco, CA US
Physical description: 
Reference #: RevaLucian-poster
 Sondra Solovay
Links: [ PDF ] [ Wikipedia ]

[ID: A poster with a photo of a sultry, fat, white woman with dark hair and bangs, her face with makeup, draping a large feather boa around her body, over a white strapless dress. She has a mole at the top of one cheek and a white flower above the ear. Her body, shown from the hips up, is turned to the left and her head is turned so her eyes look confidently and directly at the camera. In the top left corner is a logo of a fat ass and crossed legs, standing and bent all the way over so the top of the drawing is the top of the ass cheeks, heart-shaped and in a dark miniskirt, with “Fat Bottom Revue” across the ass. Up the side of the poster in art-deco style lettering it says “RevaLucian.” At the bottom:]

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