Tag: Heather MacAllister

NOLOSE Keynote Address, Heather MacAllister (2006)

Heather MacAllister’s Keynote Address at NOLOSE (fat, queer conference) in 2006 at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, NY, US.

Fat Girl Speaks Event Program & Resource Guide (2004)

Program / Zine from a one-day conference for fat folks in Portland OR, US. Includes extensive resource listings. 2004

RevaLucian poster (2005)

Poster photo of RevaLucian (Heather MacAllister), founder of San Francisco’s Fat Bottom Revue, a fat burlesque troupe.

FaT GiRL #1 (1994)

Issue #1 of FaT GiRL: the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. October, 1994

Fat Fuck (2003)

Fat Fuck, a play by Sondra Solovay and Timnah Steinman. From a performance at nolose, 2003.

Size Queen (2005)

Size Queen: for queen size queers and our loyal subjects. June, 2005