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Proceedings of the First Feminist Fat Activists’ Working Meeting (1980)

Proceedings the first known meeting of feminist fat activists, in New Haven, CT, August, 1980.

FaT GiRL #2 (1995)

Issue #2 of FaT GiRL: the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. February, 1995

The Fat Underground Speaks (1974)

Audio recordings from the Fat Underground, 1974.

F.A.T. panel at New Haven Women’s Health Conference (1980)

A keynote panel address at a feminist health fair in New Haven, 1980. Speakers include Judith Stein, Aldebaran, Judy Freespirit, Marcia Duvall, and Diane Denne.

Life In The Fat Underground (1998)

Sara Golda Bracha Fishman tells the story of the Fat Underground. From Radiance, 1998.

More Women are on Diets than in Jail (1974)

A series of short rants by members of the Fat Underground, published in SISTER in 1974.

Fat Liberation Manifesto (1973)

The Fat Liberation Manifesto. By Judy Freespirit and Aldebaran.

Fat Underground Throws Weight Into Obesity War (1976)

An article about The Fat Underground from the Los Angeles Times. Jan. 8, 1976.

we are not our enemies (1973)

A article by Aldebaran, published in SISTER in 1973.

Roster – Fat Underground Members (1970s)

A list of women who were part of the Fat Underground and affiliated groups. By Karen Stimson.

Health of Fat People: the Scare Story Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (1974)

A Fat Underground paper by Aldebaran. 1974

Fat Liberation – A Luxury? (1977)

Aldebaran’s letter to radical therapists about fat liberation. (State and Mind, vol. No.6, June-July 1977, pp. 34-38)

Fat Times in New Haven (1978)

A New York Times article about the New Haven Fat Liberation Front. 1978

A Fat Women’s Problem-Solving Group: Radical Change (1978)

A report from members of the 1973-74 Fat Women’s Problem-Solving Group.

Fat Feminist Herstory (1993)

Timeline of fat feminist events from 1969-1993. By Karen Stimson