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A conversation with FaT GiRL zine (1994-97) collective members (2022)

Cultural historian Cookie Woolner interviews FaT GIRL zine collective members Barbarism, Candida, Max and Sondra about what creating FaT GiRL was like and how that time relates to fat, queer life today.

This conversation kicks off Fat Liberation Archive’s first series of conversations about fat liberation history. June, 2022

FaT GiRL #3 (1995)

Issue #3 of FaT GiRL: the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. June, 1995

The F.A.T. Patrol’s Greatest Hits — Lyric sheet (1980)

Songs performed at “An Evening of Fat Women’s Culture”
April 19, 1980, New Haven, Connecticut

Fat Activist Vernacular (2019)

Fat Activist Vernacular, a fat queer feminist glossary, is a powerful and witty exploration of fat as a cultural, social and political experience. By Charlotte Cooper.