Fat Underground Questionnaire (1974)

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Fat Underground Questionnaire
Date(s) of creation:  1974
Creator / author / publisher:  Fat Underground
Location: Venice, CA USA
Physical description:
 one typed page
Reference #: FU-Questionnaire-1974
 Largesse Fat Liberation Archive
Links:  [ PDF ]


  1. Fat is inherently unhealthy.
  2. The fact that thousands of people lose weight every year shows that those who remain fat consciously or unconsciously choose to do so.
  3. If the average thin person ate like the average fat person, she or he would become fat.
  4. “Sensible” diets cannot harm one’s health.
  5. Binging on food is evidence of an oral personality.
  6. Fat women often use their fat to ward off sexual involvement.
  7. Over a period of five years, 99% of those who lose weight regain it, usually with interest.
  8. If fat people feel oppressed, they always have the option of losing weight.
  9. Doctors are experts on obesity, its causes and cures.
  10. Being fat is evidence of a weak will or character.
  11. Fat people welcome even unsolicited dietary advice as an aid in solving their “problem”.
  12. There is something abnormal about individuals who find fat people sexually attractive.
  13. Medical studies have been carefully controlled to differentiate between the effects of being overweight and the effects of dieting.
  14. Many people are fat because of emotional problems stemming from too little love either during childhood or at the present time.
  15. It has been proved that weighing more than one’s actuarial ideal causes early death.


  1. How do you feel when you see a fat woman in a halter, swim suit or short skirt or going braless?
  2. Would you feel comfortable being seen publicly with a 300 pound friend?
  3. When you see fat people grocery shopping or eating out, are you judgmental of what they eat?
  4. Do fat people have to prove their intelligence or humanity to you?
  5. How afraid of becoming fat are you? What frightens you most about such a prospect?
  6. Have you ever complained of your five extra pounds or a small bulge in the presence of a person fatter than you? What motivated you? Did you pause to consider her or his feelings in that situation?
  7. What do you perceive as the political importance of the concept of figure control?

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