Generous Portions — Luna Sea (2002)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  Generous Portions, Luna Sea, 2002
Date(s) of creation:  October, 2002
Creator / author / publisher:  Luna Sea
Location: San Francisco, CA
Physical description:
a flyer and a 2-sided trifold mailer
Reference #: Generous-Portions-2002
Max Airborne
Links:   [ Flyer PDF ] [ Mailer PDF ]



[Image description: a large black and white photo of 5 smiling fat queers, a range of skin tones from dark to light, posed in a vertical column, one behind/above another, with their hands in different positions. They are all wearing black and the background is black, so the light reflected off their skin is what we see. The top three have their arms at different levels of outstretched, and the lower two people have their hands in front of them, and the visual effect is that they’re shaped a bit like a tall, pointy evergreen tree and its trunk.]


Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project presents …

Generous Portions

Stories of Substance

October 25 & 26
November 1 & 2

8:00 pm
Reservations Encouraged
(415) [phone number]

Celebrating the lives of fat dykes & queers

Lindasusan Ulrich
Pam Dunn
Lisa Cohen
Joe Samson
Sondra Solovay
Amy Adams
Deva Berman
Max Airborne
Elena Escalera
& the Bod Squad

Luna Sea Theater & Gallery 2940 16th St. SF

Tri-fold mailer:


Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project

October – December 2002

Theater & Gallery Schedule

[Image description: a large black and white photo of 5 smiling fat queers, a range of skin tones from dark to light, posed in a vertical column, one behind/above another, with their hands in different positions. They are all wearing black and the background is black, so the light reflected off their skin is what we see. The top three have their arms different levels of outstretched, and the lower two people have their hands in front of them, and the visual effect is that they’re shaped a bit like a tall, pointy evergreen tree and its trunk.]

Luna Sea Theater & Gallery 2940 16th St. #216-C (Second Floor) San Francisco, CA 94103 (1 blk from 16th St. BART) Reservations Encouraged (415) [phone number] (Box Office)


Laid out to be mailed, with a non profit postage mark in one corner, a return address in the other, with some text under it. 

Luna Sea Women’s Performance Project
2940 16th St. #216-C San Francisco, CA 94103
(415) [phone number} (Office)
(415) [phone number} (Box Office)


Data entry volunteer…modem for PC…case of white paper…microwave…toner for Canon Copier 700 series…Avery 5160 labels…large mop…carpet for Gallery & lobby…stamps…book shelves…electric stapler… $$$$$DONATIONS!!!!!
THANK YOU to all who have granted wishes!!!!

Luna Sea is a multucultural/multiracial women’s arts non-profit organization run by and feature art of queer womyn of color and lesbians. We are a community based theater, performance space, and art gallery dedicated to supporting and illuminating the great diversity of women’s artistic and creative expression without censure and provide a mich needed alternative space for women of color and queer women’s art that is traditionally silenced by artistic, economic racist and sexist censorship.



CALL (415)[phone number] for Info and audition appts .. 

HearthRhythms Drum Classes for Womyn taught by Yolanda S. Vierra Allen. New classes begin on Thursdays, starting Oct 3 at 5:30pm at Luna Sea. Cost Is $15 per class. Call to register. 

Call for Lesbians of African Ancestry for the January show Sistah Speak. Call for info. 

Call for 2 Howl-o-ween Womyn Strippers. Get into the show free. 

Audition Thurs. Oct 10, 7:30pm for 6 (4 womyn of color, 2 European ancestry) Dyke (Lesbian, Bi, Trans,) performers for Feb. show @ Luna Sea. The show will explore the word “DYKE”: the politics and herstory. 

Audition Wed. Nov 13, 7pm for lesbian/dyke identified performers who are partners {or former partners) of Trans Men or Womyn for March show at Luna Sea. 

Audition Wed. Dec 11, 7pm for 6 (4 womyn of color, 2 European ancestry) lesbians/Dyke performers for a show that will explore the Intersections of race, class, size and culture. April show. 

Lesbian/Dyke/Trans Visual Artists needed for upcoming shows in Luna Sea Gallery. 

Call for plays for Fifth Anniversary DykeDrama Festival 2003 next summer. looking for short plays (less than 20 pages) by and about Dykes. Call for exact details. Deadline December 15. 

Job, Internships & Volunteers 

Contest: 10th Anniversary logo for Luna Sea needed. Submissions due October 31. Cash prize! 

JOB: Part time PUBLICIST to work in support of Luna Sea’s 10th Anniversary Year celebration 2003. Funded through a grant by the SF Arts Commission’s Cultural Equity lnitiative. Send resume by Oct 31. 

INTERNSHIPS: Thanks to a grant from The Women’s Foundation Sisterhood Fund Luna Sea is offering a Queer and Questions Young Women’s Theater Production Internship/Mentor Training Program. Applications are now available for women 16-25 for training in the following areas: Stage Management & Videography. Call the office for app. Deadline is Oct 15. 

DIRECTOR INTERNSHIPS: Oct 8th 7pm Informational Meeting for Director’s Intern­ships at Luna Sea. Call for more info. 

VOLUNTEER JOB: looking for graphic artist volunteers for 10th Anniversary publicity. 

Stage Managers & Stage Crews for upcoming shows. 

A Little About LUNA SEA

by Claudia L. Vierra Allen, Executive Director 

[ID: a small headshot of a light-skinned woman with long dark hair and long earrings, smiling at the camera.]

October marks my fourth anniversary as Executive Director of Luna Sea. I am so blessed. Thank you all for your love and support. Wow, it’s an exciting time at Luna Sea. So many amaz­ing and talented performers! Good News: The cast of Fat Fuck from the DykeDrama Festival are pertorming at LadyFest East in September; Karen X is going to be performing in NY at the Wow Cafe in October; Lisa Cohen is releasing her first CD Oct 19 at the Julia Morgan Theater (, and the cast of TransMen Tell Their Tales will be performing in Sacramento in November. Congrats to all of you!!!! More Good News!: We received a generous grant from the SF Arts Commission’s Cul­tural Equity Initiative to fund our Marketing and PR program for next year’s 10th Anniversary of Luna Sea and 5th Anniversary of the DykeDrama Festival. 

We are honored for powerful firsts at Luna Sea this quarter: the TranSisters show is the first transwomyn show here; Generous Portions, is our first fat dyke/queer show! Yeah! Talented performers and GREAT shows. Show your support! 

Luna Sea still needs your financial support in order to keep our doors open and pay our rent! Remember that your donations are tax deductible. Give whatever you can to keep Luna Sea alive and growing. Thank you for your support & love. 


[ID: Events calendar in three columns, each event accompanied by photos of posing or performing cast members who are dykes, lesbians, queer and/or trans, and a variety of races, genders and ages.]


Reservations encouraged
Box Office (415) [phone number]

TranSisters Live & Uncut!!

Fri & Sat Oct 4 & 5, 11 & 12, 8pm $10-$15

TranSisters Live & Uncut! Is a groundbreaking, bridge building, truthtelling, funny and powerful show featuring original performance pieces by MTF Trans­ womyn. The cast explores passing, preju­dice, sexism, transphobia, male privilege, racism, sexuality, and their lives in transi­tion. Starring: Shawna Virago, Katherine Collins, Nedjula Baguio, Michelle Gar­cia, Ashley Moore & the Transcendence Gospel Choir. Directed by Claudia L. Vierra Allen. 

Women Songwriters In the Round

Fri & Sat Oct 18 & 19,, 8pm $10-$15

Featuring singer/songwriters Stephanie Haffner, Danya River, Irina Rivkin & Lindasusan Ulrich. The Tune­smith series happens four times a year and is coordinated by Lindasusan Ulrich. 

Generous Portions
Stories of Substance

Fri & Sat Oct 25-26 & Nov 1 & 2, 8pm $10-$15

Generous Portions: Stories of Substance celebrates the lives of Fat Dykes & Queers and is Luna Sea’s first show devoted to looking at issues of thh size-acceptance community. The art explores body image, bigotry, identity, and the intersections of race, size, culture and sexuality through music spoken word and comedy. The show is overflowing with the talent and truths of Lindasusan Ulrich, Pam Dunn, Lisa Cohen, Joe Sam­son, Sondra Solovay, Robyn Brooks, Amy Adams, Deva Berman, Max Airborne and Elena Escalera. Special guest performances by the Bod Squad Cheerleaders: Timnah Steinman, Kimani Eboni Olatunde, Sondra Solovay, Erica Berman, Joe Samson, Deva Berman, Greta Anderson and Max Airborne. Directed by Claudia L. Vierra Allen & Pam Dunn. 

5th Annual Howl-o-ween Strip Show

Thurs Oct 31
8pm: $10-$15
Benefit for Luna Sea
A women only event

Howl, scream and thoroughly enjoy yourself watching yummy erotic and delicious womyn strip. Wear your costumes (or not) and bring your tipping $$$$ to this annual Halloween erotic benefit for Luna Sea. The fine women teasing you will be: B.C. Cliver, Celeste Pearl, J’aimes, Amy Adams, Annie and lots of surprises. And if this wasn’t enough, the amazing Lucky 7 will be the MC for the evening and has promised to be nasty and revealing.

Queereosity Young Women’s Style

Fri & Sat Nov 8 & 9
8pm $10-$15

Oueereosity is a show featuring young queer and questioning womyn. It’s a creative conglomeration of original pieces that explore who these young womyn are, what they are made of, and what exactly they have to offer the rest of the world. Come see this dynamic show and find out what’s the query on the minds of queer and questioning young womyn these days. The show includes the work of [redacted], Heather Acs, J’aimes, Melisa Spence and Celeste Pearl. Directed by Claudia L. Vierra Allen and Intern [redacted]. 

The Vile Jelly Theater presents:
Jones and His Wives

Fri & Sat Nov 15 & 16
8pm $10-$15

An original, one act impressionist puppet opera about a humble country man who takes a boat trip to the city with his two wives. The show features music  by Kevin Caulfield, as performed by the Vile Jelly Orchestra, and puppets by Gael Kanievsky••. Come experience a newly expanded production of the show that originally appeared on Valentine’s day at the Odeon in San Francisco, and features such songs as “We Are Mrs. Jones,” “Today My Wives Will Be City Girls,” and “Here I See My Two Mrs. Joneses.” Four singers will operate Gael’s beautiful and disturbing puppets in this play of life and nature, which also features some spectacular backdrops created by Kevin Harris. 

••Gael Kanievsky is one of the two founding members, & the principal artistic director for Vile Jelly Theatre. She directed the production of “Jones And His Wives,” based on her original story idea, which was put to words & music by Kevin Caulfield. Gael has been making puppets & designing sets for Vile Jeffy since 1996, & during that time her puppets have evolved into the unique, sophisticated mechanical creations used in “Jones.” Her works are informed by Japanese Bunraku puppetry, as well as European models, but the design is distinctly her own. Gael has lived in San Francisco and worked in local theater for a decade, including work at Berkeley Rep and ACT. “Jones And His Wives” also features Kate Rix, Michaela Conway and Andy Cowitt as the Jones family, and Jean Jeffress plays the trumpet. 

Luna Sea’s 9th Anniversary Show

Fri & Sat Nov 22 & 23

8pm $15-$25
Benefit for Luna Sea

Luna Sea is celebrating her ninth year of great productions. Amazing performers have been on our stage this past year. We thank them all and thank you for supporting Luna Sea. Join us for this year’s anniversary show with a sampling from this years’ fine sea­son. The show stars: Poets Robyn Brooks and Lucky 7 from their show Two Styles One Love. You will be moved deeply by these two womyn’s words and heart. 

Marcus Rene Van poet, philosopher of life, singer, from the Luna Sea premiers of TransMen Tell Their Tales & TransMen Tell More Tales. 

From the 4th Annual DykeDrama Festival, Pussy Envy, written by Trish Cole and directed by Claudia L. Vierra Allen. This comedy is an exploration of jealousy, rivalry and covetousness sparked by the pussy, starring Melisa Spence, Oneida Chi & Jessica Israel. Also from the DykeDrama Festival, Butterfly, written by Trish Cole, and directed Claudia L. Vierra Allen. This chilling powerful play about a mother’s tragic inability to cope with her child’s transformation from a little girl to dyke to FTM will touch you to your core. Yolanda S. Vierra Allen, J’aimes and [redacted] star in this unforgettable story. 

HearthRhythms DrumChoir, founded and directed by California Artist In Residence, Yolanda S, VierraAllen performing traditional Congolese rhythms. The DrumChoir is made us up students from Yolanda’s classes that were sponsored by Luna Sea during 2001-2002.

Tunesmith: Songwriting Women in the Round began this year under the direction of Lindasusan Ulrich. It is a quarterly performance of women singer/songwriters featuring new and emerging artists. The Anniversary celebration will feature Lisa Alice, Kat Barnes, Lindasusan Ulrich and Reba Hasko.

A Queer Jewish Performance

Fri and Sat
Dec 6-7 & 13-14
8pm $10-$15

This is the fifth annual Chutz­pah featuring the talent of Queer Jewish performers. The program was started under the direction of Dana Schneider. Ali Cannon has continued the coordination of the project. This year’s show will continue in the tradition of the past. It’ll make you laugh, cry, remember and push your boundaries of what it means to be queer and Jewish.  

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