Tag: fat oppression

THEY ARE TRYING TO KILL US (but it’s for our own good) (1981)

by Kelly, from Common Lives / Lesbian Lives, Issue #1, 1981

Fat Oppression pamphlet (1990s)

A pamphlet by Riot Grrrl South East Michigan.

Fat, Fitness and Exercise – health or healthism? (1983)

An article by Karen Scott-Jones, published in the Ample Apple Newsletter, 1983.

Fat Women and Feminism (1974)

An article by Karen Jones, published in the Connecticut NOW Newsletter, 1974.

Fat and Female – One Woman’s View (1974)

An article by Karen Jones, published in the NAAFA Newsletter, 1974.

Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement Newsletter #5 (1991)

“Campaigning to inspire people to have a more radical view about sex & sexuality, patriarchy, pornography, the p0lice, and the state.”

i’m so fucking beautiful #3 (1995)

Issue 3 of this riot grrrl zine from nomy lamm, exploring fat liberation. 1995.

i’m so fucking beautiful #2 (1994)

Issue 2 of this riot grrrl zine from nomy lamm, exploring fat liberation. 1994.

Making a Big Splash (1997)

Judith Stein on the pleasures of water aerobics. 1997

Fat Liberation: No Losers Here (1981)

Article by Judith Stein, from Sojourner, February, 1981, and a followup letter from the subsequent issue in March, 1981.

Trimming the Fat for Profit: an Essay on Fat Liberation (1982)

Article by Judith Stein, from WomenWise, The New Hampshire Feminist Health Center Quarterly; Winter, 1982.

Fat, Lesbian and Proud (1981)

By Judith Stein, from Gay Community News, Boston, 1981

Group Contends ‘Fat Is Beautiful’ (1973)

A article from the Hartford Courant in 1973.

More Women are on Diets than in Jail (1974)

A series of short rants by members of the Fat Underground, published in SISTER in 1974.

we are not our enemies (1973)

A article by Aldebaran, published in SISTER in 1973.

Fat Air (1995)

Susan Stinson interviews Judith Stein and Meridith Lawrence in 1995. Includes Judith Steins reflections in 2021.

The Whale Watch (1985)

poem by Judith Stein, 1985

Thoughts on Fitting In (1983)

“I try to remember that the truth is that the world is too small. It is the world which is too full of narrow aisles, narrow chairs, narrow people who never talk loud, whose hands rest quietly in their laps as they speak in demure voices…” by Judith Stein, 1983.

The F.A.T. Patrol’s Greatest Hits — Lyric sheet (1980)

Songs performed at “An Evening of Fat Women’s Culture”
April 19, 1980, New Haven, Connecticut

Fat Oppression and Fat Liberation: Some Basic Ideas (1980)

By Judith Stein. 1980.

FaT GiRL #7 (1997)

Issue #7 of FaT GiRL: the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. May, 1997.

Size Queen (2005)

Size Queen: for queen size queers and our loyal subjects. June, 2005