FaT GiRL #7 (1997)

Title (as given to the record by the creator):  FaT GiRL #7
Date(s) of creation:  May, 1997
Creator / author / publisher:  FaT GiRL
Location: San Francisco, CA USA
Physical description: 
 72 page, 8.5”x11” zine with several pages removed. Printed in black and white with pink on the cover.
Reference #:  FG7-ALL
Source: Max Airborne
Tags: 1990sA.M. SaltableismaccessaccountabilityADAApril MillerartBertha PearlBladebooksbutchbutch-butchbutch-femmeCandidaCharleneclassCynthia NewcomerdisabilityEat FatEl OsoElana Dykewomoneventsfashionfat activismfat and genderfat anxietyfat comicsfat dykefat dykesfat eventsFat GalaFaT GiRLfat heroesfat lesbianfat liberationfat oppressionfat queer sexfat queersfat representationfat sexfat smutfat thoughtfat virusfat womenGenderidiomJudith BlackKebokitchen slutlanguageLara MichelleLaura JohnstonLynn StoneMargo Mercedes RiveraMary AndersonMary Frances PlattMax AirborneMiss UniverseMiss USANevada-MariaOsoPandourapaper dollsphotographyreviewsRibsRichard KleinroundtableSelenashoesSondra SoloSondra SolovaySurfer GirlsSusannah
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