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Elana Dykewomon — Fat Liberation People’s History (2022)

Fat Liberation People’s History project, video interview with Elana Dykewomon.
May 8, 2022.
85 minutes.

La Cerda Punk: Ensayos desde un Feminismo Gordo, Lésbiko, Antikapitalista y Antiespecista (2014)

The Punk Pig: Essays from a Fat, Lesbian, Anti-Capitalist and Anti-species Feminism. by Constanzx Alvarez Castillo, 2014

Lesbian & Gay Freedom Movement Newsletter #5 (1991)

“Campaigning to inspire people to have a more radical view about sex & sexuality, patriarchy, pornography, the p0lice, and the state.”

Making a Big Splash (1997)

Judith Stein on the pleasures of water aerobics. 1997

FaT GiRL #5 (1996)

Issue #5 of FaT GiRL: the zine for fat dykes and the women who want them. April, 1996

The Whale Watch (1985)

poem by Judith Stein, 1985

Thoughts on Fitting In (1983)

“I try to remember that the truth is that the world is too small. It is the world which is too full of narrow aisles, narrow chairs, narrow people who never talk loud, whose hands rest quietly in their laps as they speak in demure voices…” by Judith Stein, 1983.

The F.A.T. Patrol’s Greatest Hits — Lyric sheet (1980)

Songs performed at “An Evening of Fat Women’s Culture”
April 19, 1980, New Haven, Connecticut

Fat Oppression and Fat Liberation: Some Basic Ideas (1980)

By Judith Stein. 1980.

Size Queen (2005)

Size Queen: for queen size queers and our loyal subjects. June, 2005