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Discovering the Truth (1999)

An interview with medical rights champion Lynn McAfee.
By B. Shanewood
From Radiance Winter 1999

Weightier Issues Than Diet Await the New Century (1999)

Article by Susan Stinson that resulted in hate mail and an outpouring of community support. Published in the Springfield (MA) Union News/Sunday Republican, December 19, 1999

Speech delivered at the speak-out Resisting Fat Hatred — Miriam Berg (2000)

Miriam Berg’s speech from the speak-out Resisting Fat Hatred, Northampton, MA, March 4, 2000

The Silent Tragedy: a brief overview of the non-diet paradigm to promote health for people of all sizes (2000)

Greg Kline’s speech from the speak-out Resisting Fat Hatred
March 4, 2000, Northampton, MA

Trimming the Fat for Profit: an Essay on Fat Liberation (1982)

Article by Judith Stein, from WomenWise, The New Hampshire Feminist Health Center Quarterly; Winter, 1982.

More Women are on Diets than in Jail (1974)

A series of short rants by members of the Fat Underground, published in SISTER in 1974.

Why Not Just Stay Fat? (1976)

An article about Fat Underground and interview with Lynn Mabel-Lois, published in Evening Outlook. 1976.

we are not our enemies (1973)

A article by Aldebaran, published in SISTER in 1973.

Health of Fat Women…the Real Problem (1974)

A Fat Underground position paper. 1974.

Before You Go on a Diet / Antes de Hacer Dieta (1974)

A Fat Underground pamphlet aimed at people who diet. English and Spanish. 1974

Health of Fat People: the Scare Story Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (1974)

A Fat Underground paper by Aldebaran. 1974

Size Queen (2005)

Size Queen: for queen size queers and our loyal subjects. June, 2005