Venice newspaper clipping (1976)

Title (as given to the record by the creator): Venice newspaper clipping
Date(s) of creation: April 9, 1976
Creator / author / publisher:  unknown
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Physical description:
 one page with text
Reference #: FU-Venice
 Largesse Fat Liberation Archive
Links:  [ PDF ]

Venice Town Council Votes To Support Hunt

[grayed out text, one portion highlighted in white:

The council also voted to endorse a letter presented by a woman in the audience which stated, “As members of the Venice Community and the Fat Liberations Movement, we strongly support the Department of Parks and Recreation in Venice to offer dance and exercise classes which fat people can attend, but without having the classes labeled as weight loss, dieting, or trimnastic groups.

“We have seen classes defined in these terms at the Venice Pavilion and while we support the continuation of the dance and exercise classes themselves, we object to their being labeled in ways which assume the unfitness of fat people or a supposed desire for weight loss,” the letter said.

The council voted to withdraw a motion to censure a member for disrupting meetings after the member agreed to discontinue disruptive conduct.]

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