Tag: Los Angeles

Discovering the Truth (1999)

An interview with medical rights champion Lynn McAfee.
By B. Shanewood
From Radiance Winter 1999

Life In The Fat Underground (1998)

Sara Golda Bracha Fishman tells the story of the Fat Underground. From Radiance, 1998.

Fat Liberation Manifesto (1973)

The Fat Liberation Manifesto. By Judy Freespirit and Aldebaran.

Venice newspaper clipping (1976)

An article about a fat underground action, from an unknown newspaper.

The Women’s Center (1975)

The Women’s Center’s 1975 descriptions of the Fat Underground and the L.A. Radical Feminist Therapy Collective.

Fat Underground Throws Weight Into Obesity War (1976)

An article about The Fat Underground from the Los Angeles Times. Jan. 8, 1976.

Fat is Fine (1976?)

An article about a Fat Underground presentation, from an unknown newspaper.

Why Not Just Stay Fat? (1976)

An article about Fat Underground and interview with Lynn Mabel-Lois, published in Evening Outlook. 1976.

Naomi Cohen Choked on the Culture (1974)

An article by Sharon Bas Hannah of the Fat Underground, published in Sister West Coast Feminist Newspaper. 1974

Before You Go on a Diet / Antes de Hacer Dieta (1974)

A Fat Underground pamphlet aimed at people who diet. English and Spanish. 1974