The Women’s Center (1975)

Title (as given to the record by the creator): The Women’s Center (1975)
Date(s) of creation: 1975
Creator / author / publisher:  Largesse
Location: Los Angeles, CA USA
Physical description:
 one page with text
Reference #: FU-The-womens-center-1975
 Largesse Fat Liberation Archive
Links:  [ PDF ]

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The Women’s Center (1975)


We see women’s emotional problems as due to oppression rather than to “personal inadequacies” or “sickness”.  Through contact raps (drop-in groups) and ongoing problem-solving groups, we offer help and support for women who are struggling to re-define themselves and to take personal and political action against their oppression.


The Fat Underground confronts the double oppression of fat women in society through our nutritional, psychological and politically radical analyses of our condition which dispute all present myths about fat.  Through media appearances, consciousness raising and informative written materials we provide a support group for fat women who are not dieting and we provide outreach to those who wish to politically align themselves with their fat sisters.

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